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  • Audra

Honoring the Graduates of 2020!

The 2020 graduates have been on my heart lately. I’m heartbroken that so many of them don’t get their graduation ceremonies this year and that many of them will miss out on some final months with their best friends. While senior portraits, kindergarten graduation and college graduation photos are always some of my favorite things to capture… this year they will hold a little more emotion. If you have a graduate of any kind in your session this year, let us know so we can grab a special portrait of them! Someday they will look back and tell their grandchildren that they couldn't have a graduation ceremony because of a pesky old thing called the Coronavirus. We think they 'ought to have a special photo to go with a story like that!

Don’t be afraid to bring your cap and gown to the OBX for graduation portraits this summer! We’re excited to take Outer Banks portraits for all graduates this year and sure hope that we can provide some extra smiles to these sweet kids who have worked so hard!

If you're looking for Outer Banks family portraits, give us a call! We are Corolla family portrait photographers and we love what we do! We also capture family portraits in Duck, Nags Head and everywhere in between! We're excited to help make this a fun vacation experience for your family! Book your OBX photo session today!


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