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5 Random Facts About Corolla NC

We are photographers based in Corolla. While we do photograph portrait sessions all the way to Nags Head, our favorite spots to shoot are in Corolla. The beaches have beautiful dunes with sea oats and other green plants; that make Corolla's dunes perfect for portrait backgrounds. The beach in our favorite spot on Shad Street is large, making it easy to find good spots for photos, no matter what the weather conditions are (wind, sun position).

Did you know Corolla was originally the name for a small village that sits beneath the Lighthouse? In recent years people started using the term for the whole stretch of the Outer Banks, starting at the Currituck County line, and ending where Ocean Trail leads to the drive-on beach.

Here are some more random facts about Corolla that you might not know:

12th Street Portraits, Photographers In Corolla

Fact 01: There are no incorporated towns in Corolla. Instead, Corolla is made of subdivisions and developments such as: Pine Island, The Currituck Club, Corolla Light, and Whalehead. We like to take our portraits at the beach access in the Whalehead neighborhood.

Corolla Wild Horses, 12th Street Portraits, Corolla Photographers

Fact 02: The Wild Horses are descendants of Spanish war horses. One my favorite things about the Outer Banks are the wild horses.  I love going to Carova and seeing the horses roam free.

The horses are said to have arrived during the 1500’s. Spain brought horses with them to the new world via boat. When one of the Spanish boats started to sink they got rid of extra cargo to keep the boat afloat. The horses were part of that cargo that was released. The horses came to shore and started their own herd! You can go on a wild horse tour while you're on vacation!

Corolla NC, 12th Street Portraits

Fact 03: Christmas trees from OBX locals help form sand dunes. Have you ever seen Christmas trees on the dune in Corolla? After Christmas, some locals bring their trees to the beach and they get piled up on the dune. Over time the sand collects around the branches and helps stabilize the dunes that protect Corolla's beachfront houses.

12th Street Portraits, Corolla Photographers

Fact 04: There are free activities available for visitors. Most of these activities are in Currituck Heritage Park. My favorite event is Whalehead Wednesdays. It occurs every Wednesday during the summer season, from 3PM-7PM. It's considered a wine festival. They have live music, beer and wine tasting, local vendors selling goods, and activities for kids. Other free activities include the Corolla Festival of Fireworks (7/4), and Whalehead Kid's Day in the Park!

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Fact 05: The Currituck Lighthouse is open after dark one night a year. Creepy in Corolla on October 30th is a fun event where you can climb the lighthouse and explore the Whalehead Club in the dark. Don't forget to bring a flashlight!


There are so many wonderful things about Corolla. If you've been, I'm sure it's become one of your happy places by now. If this year is your first time coming, I'm so excited for you to discover what a wonderful place it is!

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If you're looking for Outer Banks family portraits, give us a call! We are Corolla family portrait photographers and we love what we do! We also capture family portraits in Duck and all the way to Nags Head! We're excited to help make this a fun vacation experience for your family! Book your OBX photo session today!


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