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All the Grandparents!

We love when young families bring both sets of grandparents on vacation. It's so neat to see both sides interacting and loving one other! Especially when the first grandchild arrives! No one ever wants to miss out on time with a sweet little one so a family vacation with both sides is an awesome way to include everyone and make some memories!

Growing up, each side of my family and my grandparents lived far away from each other and we never vacationed with both sides of the family. It made scheduling things difficult because we didn’t want family to feel left out so we had to plan things separately with everyone. It is so wonderful to see other families breaking the standards of keeping the mother and fathers sides of family separate. People always say it takes a village to raise a child so what better way to do it then with the whole family village on the beautiful OBX!

What's better than one matriarch and patriarch? TWO! And of course, one sweet Auntie and a super fun uncle made for one beautiful family photo!

Whatever your photography needs are, we are so excited to capture your family photos in Corolla, NC. Give us a call today for your OBX family photos!


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