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  • Katie

Baby Meets the Beach! | Corolla, NC

Audra and I feel so blessed to be able to do what we love; and feel like we are making a difference in our customers lives. We capture the small moments (that really are way bigger than they seem) and translate them into something they can hold. Something they can put on their wall as an everyday reminder of the importance of the small moments.

Anywho... I could go on forever about my undying love for photography. So I will move on...

When I booked this session for the K family I was so excited to meet them. I could tell just by talking to E over the phone that she was a kindred spirit. (Really, aren't all moms kindred spirits? We just love our babies to the moon!)

This cute family of three met me in Corolla on a warm evening in September. I knew they wanted to capture their baby boy discovering the beach.

Don't you just love this guy's sweet personality!

He’s such a calm, stoic, wise-beyond-his-years kind of fellow.

Watching all his firsts at the beach that day, I wish my parents had photos of me discovering my happy place. The beach really is my favorite place in the whole world. I can tell it’s going to be one of his favorite places too!

If you're looking for Outer Banks family portraits, give us a call! We are Corolla family portrait photographers and we love what we do! We also capture OBX family portraits in Duck, Nags Head and everywhere in between! We're excited to help make this a fun vacation experience for your family! Book your OBX photo session today!


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