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Honoring Dad with OBX Family Photos

This was a special session taken during a Father's Day week photo session!

It was easy to see how much these boys admire and love their dad. This session got me thinking about how I wouldn’t be where I am today without my dad! He is the one that got me into photography. He always had his huge lens at all of our sporting events making sure we knew how proud he was of us by capturing all our moments to always cherish. He inspired me to take up photography. My dad even got me my first camera (little green Nikon) when I was around 8 years old, mostly because I think he was tired of me stealing his! So I have my dad to thank for much of the person and photographer I am today!

Something we typically hear from our dads, “I hate having pictures taken." Oh, and we can't leave out the ever popular, “my wife forced me to do this."

Enter our fun loving photography team and those sweet Dads are leaving saying, "That wasn't so bad! I think I might have actually had fun!" We know not everyone in the family loves getting their picture taken but we always try to make sure people have a good time by creating a laid back fun environment so everyone feels comfortable! Our goal is to capture more than just a photograph... we want to capture your relationships!

We love capturing family vacations here on the Outer Banks... whatever your family photography needs are, we're excited to work with you here in Corolla, NC!


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