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Bringing it home

Most of what we do at 12th Street Portraits is centered around family. We love photographing families and helping them put memories on their wall. We love the relationships we've built with families over the years as they come to the Outer Banks on vacation. AND we are so proud that we get to do what we love while also providing for our own families.

For so many reasons family is what drives, inspires and fulfills us!

Today's post is a session I got to photograph for my family. Unlike most of our sessions, it didn't take place in Corolla, but on a median between two roads in our neighborhood in Southern Shores.

I'll start at the beginning...

This past April my husband's brother and his wife became parents and I got my second nephew! Baby Ben is the definition of a "sugar lump" and I love being Aunt Katie.

Our family is very close. I grew up with my husband and his brothers. Now we live close to each other and are very lucky to have family dinners with grandma almost every week.

This past December my sister-in-law told me she wanted to do a photo session. They planned to frame one of the photos to give to grandma for Christmas.

Of course I thought that was the best idea ever! My mother-in-law has family photos everywhere. Her house is the same one from when we were kids. When I walk into her home it still smells (good) the same way it always has. And getting to see all the photographs; old ones from our childhood mixed in with new ones of all our families... THE BEST FEELING.

We knew a framed photo of her youngest son's new family would be the perfect present for my mother-in-law. A photo of her baby with his baby.

There was only one problem:

We were all so busy last December and with daylight savings it was hard to find a time where we were free and the sun was still up! And once we found a time we ended up having to cancel for rain.

I was getting worried it wasn't going to happen.

So we ended up meeting in the neighborhood right before one of our family dinners to take a couple shots. I chose this random patch of land between two roads leading into the neighborhood. The fall colors were so beautiful there! We met, rushed to get the shot, then we had to strategically arrive for dinner at different times so grandma wouldn't get suspicious.

The session was quick, about 10 minutes, but Ben is so cute we had about a million to choose from!

When my mother-in-law opened this framed photo (below) on Christmas morning she cried she loved it so much. We were all so happy that we could give her something that meant so much to her! It was a great Christmas for our family.

Photos of family are so important. They document where your family is right now and when you print them out, and put them in your home it shows your children that family is important and something to celebrate, like a work of art. I always feel very honored to be a family photographer. Getting to be a photographer for my own family brought it home for me!


If you're looking for Outer Banks family portraits, give us a call! We are Corolla family portrait photographers and we love what we do! We also capture OBX family portraits in Duck, Nags Head and everywhere in between! We're excited to help make this a fun vacation experience for your family! Book your OBX photo session today!


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