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  • Audra

Pancakes & Pictures! Make them both happen!

We love ALL of our photo sessions but when our clients give us the beautiful gift of sharing a little bit about who they are… we are overjoyed! I’m not talking about simple things like names, ages and where y’all are from… I’m talking about the stories of love, generations of Outer Banks vacations, engagement stories… the GOOD stuff. This sweet family started out with some of the most beautiful kids and within a few minutes, I was being told about how their Grandma “wasn’t dressed for photos.” She was trying to get out of having her photograph taken! She explained that she didn’t pack clothes for photos because she originally wasn’t supposed to be on this vacation. However, her grandkids had called her the day before and said that they wished she was there to make her famous pancakes so she drove all night to get to their beach house in time to make pancakes for them when they woke up!

This sweet story had me teary eyed! My own mama made the BEST pancakes when I was a kid and now she is known for them with my kids and no matter how many times I make them, my kids all agree… Grandma makes the best pancakes! This is what family is all about… drive through the night, make the pancakes… and GET YOUR PICTURE TAKEN WITH YOUR GRANDBABIES!

I just loved this family! Here’s to pancakes on the Outer Banks!


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