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  • Katie

To Our Families,

We have been thinking about you!

During this time of craziness where everything feels uncertain, we want you to know that you are in our thoughts. We hope you all are keeping safe and healthy!

So far this situation that we are in, being quarantined to slow the spread of COVID-19, has reminded me of a few things.

The first thing is to think about others. Sometimes I feel like I am constantly worried about "my". My family, my house, my carrier, my wishes, my wants. The scariness of this pandemic and most of America being told to stop working has made my mindset shift a little. This week I have been worried about "They". "They live paycheck to paycheck; how are they going to get through this?!" They already have a serious health issue. What if they get COVID-19? Or how are they going to get the treatment they need with all this mess going on?

Our customers come from so many different walks of life. Some of them have been going through tough times already this year. I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy.


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