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  • Audra

Y'all Come Back Now!

When I was a little girl, I remember riding the Corolla trolley when I was on vacation with my family. The woman who drove the trolley had a deep southern accent that made all of her words longer than mine since I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On the last day of vacation, we stepped off the trolley and she said, "Y'all come back now, ya hear?" I don't know why that stuck with me but for years and years it was a family slogan when we were heading back to Corolla.

It's funny because that same phrase has become how Katie and I like to do our business. We don't take out fancy advertisements or shout from the roof tops that we're business owners in Corolla. We just take photos, connect with our clients and hope that they come back to see us again! So we're naturally thrilled when we have repeat clients! We have some clients that we have photographed for over 10 years without missing a year! That's about as much as we can possibly ask for or dream of!

The "H" family has been coming to see me for a few years now and I love watching these cute little guys grow up through my camera! Especially with little ones, it's so nice to form that connection where they are comfortable in front of my camera because I'm not just another unfamiliar face on vacation, I'm... the picture lady!

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

If you're looking for Outer Banks family portraits, give us a call! We are Corolla family portrait photographers and we love what we do! We also capture family portraits in Duck and all the way to Nags Head! We're excited to help make this a fun vacation experience for your family! Book your OBX photo session today!


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