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Corolla Beach Portraits | Returning Families Part 1

If you know us, you know we love having families return to us for portraits year after year. It’s true, we do! We love it so much that this month we are starting a blog series showing some of our returning families over the years.

After all, the power of photography is its ability to freeze a moment. Time goes by, but we get to keep whatever we capture. Well, we captured some great moments with these families and it’s so neat to see the changes that have come with time!


I have photographed this first family every year since we opened in 2012.

I always meet the “B” family at our favorite beach access in Corolla. The only exception came last year when I did their photos twice, once in Corolla and another time in Richmond, VA!

When I first met this family Colton was their only grandchild. A couple years later, Harper came along. Did I say we love watching families grow?! Just thinking about the way the years brought along Harper makes me so excited! I got to watch their family's such an honor to capture love literally growing!

These boys are the sweetest and they sure do love each other. They have always made me laugh and I look forward to playing with them on the beach every year.









If you're looking for Corolla beach portraits, give us a call! We want to make your family a part of ours!


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